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Below is Just a Sample of Our Customer Testimonials Received Over Our 30+ Year History.

Cathy D.

“I want to send you a great big thank you. Your company and service is outstanding! From the first time I called with my initial questions and inquiry to my final call telling you that my house was sold, I had nothing but positive experiences. The two things that stand out in my mind are your speedy response times and your assistance with contract forms. You were very fast getting the ball moving with posting my listing on the Internet and the MLS and putting the sign in the yard. (By the way, I love that sign. It looks very professional.) You were quick to go in and correct my listing when I discovered that the number of bedrooms was wrong. You were always quick to return calls. I want to thank you Larry, specifically, for reading over and advising me when I wrote that long and difficult addendum to my original contract offer that ultimately fell through, and I want to thank you for being there and guiding me during those couple of hours I spent one evening typing up all the contract and addendum forms for my second offer that was a straight for sale by owner and led to the sale of my house. I was so clueless as to which forms needed to go with the contract and which didn’t. It was a nerve-racking couple of hours, but you made the process so much easier. You always sound so overwhelmed and busy when I have you on the phone, and I can’t remember a phone call when we weren’t interrupted at least once by someone in the office, but you never missed a beat during our conversations or took your attention away from my needs. Your multi-tasking skills are superb! On a scale of 1 to 10 I’ll give you a 12!!! Thank you again for everything, and I have already and will continue to recommend you to others. And, if you ever have any potential clients who ask for someone to call for a reference, don’t hesitate to give them my number, I’ll tell them how wonderful you are.”


Adnan A.

“I wanted to express my deep appreciation for your invaluable assistance dedicated service, and first-class support which led to the successful sale of my Washington, DC house. You were always there when I needed you; you dealt with me, my prospective buyers, and other agents with open mind, open heart, and open hand; your response was always prompt and your service made and your service made a real difference. And, of course, you helped me save a bundle on real estate commissions. It is a blessing to have you around. You have earned by respect and my loyalty forever.”


Joan F.

“I love the way you do business! My results were fabulous – 2 well-qualified buyers offering full price and minimal contingencies the day after listing with you. You got me on the MLS within an hour on Friday afternoon, and your “FOR SALE” sign appeared the next morning, just in time for my weekend showings. The package of real estate forms was invaluable because buyer agents need certain ones to be filled out by me before they can make an offer. Your availability as a consultant, especially to review the contracts offered by buyer agents, makes your fixed price a bargain. Earlier on, when my Washington Post ads just weren’t generating visits, I almost signed up with one of your competitors. Their low price of $195 to list was a pure come-on, because I would have to pay $175 later as a mandatory “administrative fee.” After adding in the sign, lockbox, and MLS modification fees, etc. your fixed price was actually less. Oh, and if I needed to talk to a person, that was another $2500! Fortunately, I remembered a friend had used a listing service successfully. And that led me to Save 6! I had reservations that the “FOR SALE BY OWNER” sign on my lawn or the “Save 6” name in the MLS would turn off buyer agents, but the traffic was most satisfactory – more showing than sitting. And were my neighbors impressed! Instead of thinking “boy, is she cheap to go FSBO!”, they must be thinking “only an idiot would pay 6%”. Somehow, I don’t mind paying the 3% buyer agent’s commission – especially after seeing how hard they work. The buyers they brought were “ready, willing, and able” – something the newspaper ads did not accomplish. I needed action!”


Gary W.

“I wanted to write to you and thank you for your help with selling our condo. Your advice was incredible. You urged me to list it for $30,000 more then what I intended. We just sold our unit and received almost full price. With two offers in hand your help was instrumental in choosing the right buyer and saying the right things. The realtor for the buyer said that dealing with me made the entire process go much smoother then if she had to work through another realtor. We closed our sale within 8 days of contract negotiation. I want to thank you and your organization for saving us a lot of money and making us a lot of money. I am an extremely satisfied customer. Thank you for everything.”


Christopher W.

“I wanted to let you know how pleased my wife and I are with the service we received from you at Save 6 in the sale of our home. We had to move our house fast as part of a Navy transfer. Before choosing Save 6, we spoke with several “traditional” real estate agents who wanted to sell our home for commissions ranging from 5% to 7%. One agent told us whether the home sold itself (like ours) or was a “hard to sell property”, they had to charge an equitable commission to all their clients (no less than 5%) to cover their advertising costs’. They told us, with a straight face, that we should pay others’ advertising costs!! That prompted me to call “Save 6”. Your advertising was extremely effective. The sign was barely up before we were under contract and I’m still fending off calls. We listed Friday before the Memorial Day weekend and by Monday, had 5 solid offers. We saved over $20,000 in real estate commissions, a win-win situation for the buyers and us. I appreciate that you were only a phone call away when I had questions and your advice in assessing the offers, we received was very helpful. I have recommended Save 6 and the FSBO route to all my friends, neighbors and colleagues who are even toying with the idea of selling their homes. PS – Please come get your sign – so I can stop repeating, “No, I’m sorry. The house is sold!”


Jim L.

“To all of you out there who are wondering if you should try “for-sale-by-owner:” The team at Save 6 will do whatever they can to help you be successful. Save 6 provided us with all the forms we could possibly need, described the process to us in detail, advised us along the way on things we could possibly need, described the process to us in detail, advised us along the way on things we were not sure about, did some very creative thinking and reassuring when a sticking point came up in negotiations with the buyer’s agent. Save 6 does an outstanding job. Guarding the complicated paperwork involved in selling a home and in the end helped us save a very big bundle on commissions. They are your “behind the scenes” support team. The “out front” part of the team that makes this work is you. As you may be aware, we are now in a buyers’ market. Prices are not as high as they were a year ago, and the pressure is on realtors to price homes competitively in a glutted market and still get their full commissions.

Before you sign with Save 6, think about asking several realtors to give you a proposal. They will give you their perspectives on the market, a list of comparable, recommendations on price (that of course factors in 6 percent in sales commissions), and they will identify key improvements you should make to have you home show well. They will also try to convenience you their serves are absolutely essential in a buyers’ market, but that is not so. Once you have this valuable info, you can make a very informed decision. Buyers are looking for the best price. Using Save 6 allows you to reduce your price below realtor listed properties by avoiding up to 6 percent in commissions (be prepared to pay up to 3 percent to a buyer’s agent). Be pricing your home very competitively, you can afford to invest in improvements that will make your home look better than the rest, and still be ahead on cash in the end.”


Michael S.

“Recently, I sold my Gaithersburg townhouse for $294,500. I listed the property with Save 6, and within 4 days was holding a ratified contract, saving me $10,370.50 in realtor commissions. The only expenses I incurred were the nominal Save 6 fee, a few For Sale By Owner signs to direct traffic for the open house, and photocopy expenses for the Open House flyer I created on Word and duplicated at Staples, showcasing the features of the townhouse. After my initial meeting with you, I had no concerns about selling my own home. The professional backup and counsel afforded to me throughout the process by you and your team gave me confidence that the sale would go through smoothly … and it did. Your great command of the procedures involved in the selling cycle provided valuable assurance. Your insights were wise, and it was easy for me to reach you when I had questions. I especially liked the rationale you provided for setting the asking price and the detailed manner with which you reviewed the sales contract. In fact, I’m so pleased with Save 6 that my wife and I plan to use your services again, in the very near future, to sell our condo! I know I’ve thanked you via telephone, but I wanted to make sure I formally expressed my gratitude as well, for assisting me in professionally and efficiently selling my own home. I would be pleased to serve as a business reference for you, if ever you should need it.”


Chuck H.

“I would like to take a minute to say how happy we were with our decision to list our house with Save 6. We had multiple contracts over our asking price and saved many thousands of dollars by eliminating a full price broker. Your flat fee of $499 was a real bargain. You delivered on all of your promises and we will use your company again if we ever decide to sell our new house. Many thanks.”



“I cannot thank you enough for your help and confidence. I hope this letter of praise can help you in some way I know when I got letters of thanks it helped my evaluations at work. Thank you SOOO much. Please use this picture enclosed for the website. I would like to have it back though, after you copy it. Hopefully I have called you by the time you get this snail mail. If not, this is my plan… I wish to have the house taken off the market and put back on May 29th. The price is going to change!!!!! We will have had it appraised by mid-May. Also, please send me another copy of a contract. I filled this one out to make sure I have everything for the next time but want to have a blank copy just in case I make a mistake.”


R. Soslow-Tierney

“Yesterday, I settled on the sale of my former home. Your exceptionally helpful and responsive services enabled me to reach so many qualified, prospective buyers and their agents. The eventual buyer and his agent were wonderful to work with. For sellers seeking to engage in the challenge of selling a home without a full-service agent, I highly recommend Save 6.”


T.I. Rogers

“I would like to thank you for your superior service in assisting me and my wife sell our first home, You made the whole process simple, Save Six provided the marketing channels necessary to sell my first home without all the misery associated with real-estate brokers. I actually had a “broker who offered one of those so-called free market analysis programs come into my home and try to get me to put my house on the market for ten thousand dollars less than what I sold my home for using the save six method. The whole world should know about how you make selling your home easy and more profitable. I received multiple contracts just days after listing with save six. In total I saved $6,400 dollars in brokers fees & soled my house for $10,000 more than a so-called neighborhood real-estate specialist”


L. Kane

“I just wanted to thank you for the able assistance you provided in helping me sell my home. You were conscientious and always quick to return my calls and answer my questions. I just formalized a contract yesterday and have several other potential buyers waiting in the wings!!! Listing my home in the MLS through Save Six provided me with excellent exposure. My labor-intensive open houses and expensive Washington Post ads were useless by comparison. By providing me with a lockbox, you enabled me to have dozens of agents show the property to their clients without me having to be on site. It was a great time saver. I had to pay the buyer’s broker a 3% fee, but I am very pleased that I saved more than $10,500 by not paying a listing broker a 3% listing fee. I plan to use this “free money” for special updates in my new home that I could not otherwise afford. Feel free to use me as a reference, because I would be happy to let others know that you provide a quality service at a very worthwhile price. Keep up the good work, and thanks again for all your help.”


J. Gronde

“I just wanted to express my appreciation for your help in selling our home! After our home was listed with Save 6, it sold in two weeks. That is fantastic considering we had our home up for sale for a full month prior to listing with Save 6. Your services are absolutely the best value for the money. You listed our home in all places that generate the phone calls from those who are genuinely seeking homes. Before we listed, we received the phone calls from those living in the area that just happened to see our for-sale sign and wanted to know what price we were asking – they weren’t seeking real estate, they were just being nosey! Since we were able to save so much money not using the services of a realtor, we are now able to put that money into our new home purchase significantly reducing our new mortgage. Your services will actually save us thousands more in years to come! I’ve already told my friends that if they ever consider selling their homes that they must contact you, not a realtor! Best regards from a very satisfied customer.”


J. and J. Carle

“I simply can’t put into words the ease and comfort I had when I listed my home for sale with your company Save Six Inc.

The length you went to help me when I needed the help was exponentially more than I had every expected. You went out of your way to have a lockbox that worked for my county well after normal working hours. The paperwork was so simple and your knowledge of what I needed to do was impeccable. I knew I had made a great decision from the start.

Well, I thought I knew when I signed the papers. What I learned was that I had better exposure from the start with your expert help. I had 19 showings in 12 hours. Within 18 hours I had 3 offers and 6 more hours later I had accepted the offer that was right for me. I saved literally thousands of dollars and I could not believe just how easy it was. That is my first experience with your service, and I will NEVER use another Thanks again for all your help and please feel free to use me as a reference.”


T. & I. Rogers

“I would like to thank you for your superior service in assisting me and my wife sell our first home. You made the whole process simple. Save Six provided the marketing channels necessary to sell my first home without all the misery associated with real-estate brokers. I actually had a broker who offered one of those so-called free market analysis programs come into my home and try to get me to put my house on the market for ten thousand dollars less than what I sold my home for using the save six method. The whole world should know about how you make selling your home easy and more profitable. I received multiple contracts just days after listing with save six. In total I saved $6,400 dollars in brokers’ fees & soled my house for $10,000 more than a so-called neighborhood real-estate specialist.”


Paul K. W.

“I wanted to thank you for all of your assistance and professionalism in helping me conduct a successful FSBO sale of my house. The house went on the market in September and backed by extensive ads, web sites and signs, was on the market 23 days. The house sold at full list ($700,000) with a very clean contract. Settlement was set in less than 60 days.

At this point all contingencies have been removed, so please change the status of the house to “Contract- No Contingencies” to post on the MLS on Wednesday Oct 30. I have recommended your service to three other homeowners, in Bethesda In a sellers’ market, even with “high end” houses anyone with a college degree, and a bit of common sense can successfully list, sell and close their own properties, saving thousands. I spent heavily on advertising to move the house, and even with a buyer’s agent saved over $17,000 of my hard-earned money. Thanks again for all your help and advice. The next house I must sell will be with SAVE 6!”


T. Danzy

“My family and I would like to thank you for all that you have done to sell our house. It sold in one day! The use of advertising on the internet was wonderful We had at least ten different people, and real estate agencies come by wanting to look at the house. You did a wonderful job of displaying our house online, and we still can’t believe that it only took a matter of six hours to sell and have the contract signed. I’d also like to thank you for your efficiency and how quickly you made things work. If you had not posted our house on- the internet we might even still be trying to look for a buyer- Once again thank you for: all that you have done to help sell our household. We a truly happy that we chose you to advertise our home; because you made it all happen.”


P. Williams

“This is my first time buying/selling a house. I cannot thank Mr. Lessin so much for his assistance in helping me with so many questions. I am selling my husband’s house on my own and had a realtor who was threatening and intimidating me. I must say that I was quite scared and worried about how things would turn out. Mr. Lessin gave me a lot in information and gave me the strength and power to believe that justice would prevail. I had a buyer whose realtor was for from honest and tried to lie about our contract. I am not of the water completely until I get all the paperwork filled out to terminate our contract but am now working with this realtor’s supervisor and feel that the end is near. This is my first time buying/selling a house I cannot thank Mr. Lessin enough. If nothing else, I had someone to talk me through this horrible mess. I am confident once again to sell this house on my own and have learned a GREAT deal. The best kind of thanks I can give your company is referrals, and I will definitely be doing that. Thank you so much.”


Stuart E. S.

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your high level of service through the process of selling my home. I have sold two houses previously without assistance …. however  I was pleasantly surprised at the extent of assistance that your company provided. Dealing with many buyer agents has given me an education on the proper conduct of the purchase process. Without your baseline of experience to rely on I would have been unsure of how to deal with situations as they developed. The review of offers and the advice that you provided in dealing with the agents proved indispensable. Knowing that I could call you and bounce any issues off you was great. This gave me greater confidence in negotiating and dealing with the buyer’s agent obstacles and contract paperwork. I wish you the best of success in the future and highly recommend your service to others. Thank you!”


Michael M.

“We have a signed contract on our home with a few more hurdles to overcome. In the meantime, I did want to thank you ever so much for the expert, professional way you answered my many questions pertaining to “For Sale by Owner”. At first, I naively thought there’s nothing to it. Just market it, sell it, and sign it. Then reality set in. You were always responsive to questions I had. You offered constructive suggestions about strategies. I knew I needed exposure on MLS, and you’ve provided me that and a lot more. I heartily recommend your company and services to anyone considering FSBO.”


James R.

“As you know, after several delays my house finally went to closing last Friday (August 18). From the beginning, I was very appreciative of how you and your team assisted me with several aspects of how best to market my home. While not pressuring me to make decisions, it was very useful to hear the many ideas and suggestions that were offered to help me sale my home in a timely manner.

Listing my home through your agency’s website was one of the smartest decisions I made to get my home sold at a price I was very satisfied with obtaining. After getting an interested buyer, along with reviewing all the pertinent contract documents, there were a number of issues that came up along with which you provided us assistance. My wife and I really appreciate the wise advice you provided and how you came to our rescue when issues arose that could have ended our sales contract.

My only regret is that we did not use your service sooner. Please feel free to give my contact information to any perspective real estate client who might be considering using your firm’s services. Again, thanks for being there and taking all our late evening calls for issues that came up at the last minute and that you calmly helped to get resolved.”


George and Linda N.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed talking to you about the sale of our property. Your answers were concise, insightful and stirred me to the proper action at the proper moment. I believe that your service has saved us thousands on the sale of our property. I received two offers on the property at a time of year that is traditionally slow. But the real plus in dealing with you was that you were real fun to talk to. Knowledgeable and straightforward. Thanks!”


Karen and Adam B.

“My husband and I just wanted to thank you for your fantastic service and help in selling our home. Your experience is invaluable. We would not been able to sell our house at full asking price without your help. Your knowledge was particularly valuable when it came time for negotiations on an offer/contract.

You followed up on questions immediately- and were always prompt in changing our listing for the multiple open houses we held. Thank you again for outstanding service!”


Carole K.

“Larry, I want to thank you so much for helping me sell by home. In this difficult real estate market for sellers, the small cost associated with this service is certainly a worthwhile investment. Your expertise was invaluable. Not only did you assist in getting the process started but you were always available for consultation and questions. Your knowledge and understanding in all phases of selling a home and the paperwork involved made the process less complicated for someone like me who is not in the real estate business. At settlement, the attorney remarked on the professional manner in which the paperwork was prepared. There was not a single question on the contract or associated forms by the settlement company. By using Save 6, I truly did save six percent. If someone requests a reference, please don’t hesitate to give them my number.”


Donald J.

“I just wanted to say how much I appreciated your company and services that you provided. I was a little skeptical listing our home with your company at first, but you came through on everything you promised and then some. Numerous times I emailed or called, and you provided us with fast, accurate and courteous service. Several times I asked for recommendations or “best practices” on what to do and I felt you gave me unbiased information that was geared toward my benefit. We closed on the house after approximately 7 months while full service RE company homes still await contracts. I believe this was because you showed us the sold prices of comparables based on my criteria in our area which allowed me to set an accurate price. We saved over 6,500$ by listing with you. We had to do our homework, but it was generally enjoyable, enlightening, and worth it. Thanks again.”


Peter & Rhonda

“Please consider this correspondence as notice that our home officially closed this past week on March 31, 2011. Both Rhonda and I would like to thank you and your firm Save 6 in listing our home in the Multiple Listing Service as well as, the many insightful conversations we had over the past number of months necessary to sell this property. Your patience and professional contributions, guidance, and help provided us a steady roadmap we needed in evaluating the offers and eventually selling the house.

We anticipate moving to Florida the first week in May. Effective the 1st of April, the new owner of this house has allowed us to rent till May 6, 2011. We also would like to comment on the friendly and professional assistance your staff provided us as the need arose while the house was on the market. We also felt that when we need to talk with you days, evening, which included even weekends, you always made yourself available. Thats alone is worth writing this letter.

Both Rhonda and I wish you and Save Six best wishes now and in the future. Also Feel free to use this letter as a letter of recommendation if you so wish. Thanks again for all your help.”


Ovetta M. M.

“As per our conversation, I highly recommend the services of Save6 Realtors to help you sell your property. You will find Mr. Lessin to be very professional and effective in helping to get your property sold as you save commission fees in the process. It is a very unique service with very successful outcomes. Good luck.”


Tom H.

“We wanted to thank you for helping us sell our home. We listed with you on a Friday night and sold on a Monday 9 days later. We had 2 contracts to consider and more calls coming in… Your service works as well as any agency and at the same time saved us 2.5% in realtor commission. We also appreciated the time to answer questions and look over the contracts. Great job and again, thank you.”


John A. S.

“Larry, Thanks again for all the help you and Debbie and Dorothy provided to my wife and I in advising us how to sell our house, “For Sale By Owner.” From the initial meeting in your office last winter through the closing of the sale yesterday, you were always enthusiastic, informative, and even comforting, as we worked our way through to the completion of the sale. One thing I really appreciated was that you always answered your cell phone, even up to 10 pm in the evening when I had questions. Thank you also for placing a professional looking sign in our yard with my phone number. I received quite a few phone inquiries thanks to that sign. I only sell a house once every 40 years, so there was much to learn. I will recommend Save 6 to anyone I happen to know who is considering selling their house.”


Jessi L.

“Larry helped me and my mom sell her home – despite numerous challenges on our end. He was HIGHLY affordable – very responsive and patient with our many MLS changes. I cannot say enough about how glad we are that we chose Larry and his company Save 6 to help us sell our home.”


Dan M.

“Everything seems to be moving along towards settlement. The “Under Contract” sign on the top of your “For Sale” sign looks great. (I think I texted you a picture of it.) We are scheduled for closing on Friday morning, May 26th. You can pull you sign anytime around that date. If you would like, we can remove the “Under Contract” and replace it with “SOLD.”

Also, I have gotten a lot of inquiries about Save 6. I’ve talked you and your company up quite a bit, so I hope it will generate some leads for you. Also, after I leave the area, I intend on writing a letter to the community newspaper. I will extoll the benefits and $$ savings of using Save-6.

Let me know if you’d like me to put-up a SOLD sign. I be happy to help. Thanks for all of your help and expertise. Have a good weekend.”


Brian J. F.

“In April 2017, we had the great fortune to work with Save 6’s Larry Lessin to help us sell our home in Olney, MD.

Larry made it easy for us to get our house included in our local multiple listing service and also onto various social media outlets such as Redfin, Trulia and Zillow. He also helped us get lined up with a professional photographer who got us some terrific quality shots to be included in the MLS service.

Larry got our real estate sign installed in front of our home and with our phone ringing almost immediately, we were on our way to a successful sale. As soon as the first contract came in, Larry met with us to review the paperwork and made suggestions that helped us get the best price possible, which was over our listing price! Throughout the process Larry was easy to reach and always had good insights into the home selling process from contract ratification to closing.

Larry is a consummate professional and his advice and assistance were key to us getting our best price in a competitive bidding process between two buyers. We have already recommended him to a neighbor who also had a successful sale.”


Lee B.

“I wanted to take this time to thank you for the excellent service you provided me when listing my rental home for sale.

When shopping for a “sale by owner” listing agent, your company seemed to offer the most appropriate service for me, but it was hard to believe you could offer the level of support I needed throughout the process of selling my home for just $299.00.

So now with my house sold, I can say it’s true and it’s an incredible value considering the savings potential in the thousands of dollars.

I also would like to note that you were always there when I needed you to answer any questions. No voice mails. You always picked up the phone any time of day. This level of service unfortunately is very rare these days. When I asked for your honest personal opinion, you confidently responded and made me completely comfortable with my decisions.

I consider myself a prudent shopper always looking for the biggest bang for my buck. This was one of my biggest bang. You sir offer an exceptional value. Of course, when it comes time to sell my other rental there will be no question as to how I will sell it or who will list it.”


Jim S.

“Larry, just wanted to say thanks again for your help selling my house. I am a big fan of your business model. Thanks for all the support and technical advice. I will definitely be using your services again in the future. Take care.”


R. Dahan

“This review is long overdue. I had heard nightmare stories about these kinds of companies that put your listing up and then you never hear from them again but Save 6 greatly exceeded my expectations. I posted with Larry, who was super helpful and made the process as simple as it could be. He was always available when I had a question, and I was able to sell the home in 45 days. It was a real pleasure to work with him and well worth the fee. No complaints!! Great company! Thank you Save 6!”